Hair: Free Gift by MINA @SL18B Shop & Hop

Headset: Cyber VR Headset Y.2077 by [Chris Two Designs]

Septum: Tourmey Septum by Suicidal Unborn @SL18B Shop & Hop

Lips: Morgan Lipgloss Ombre by Suicidal Unborn @SL18B Shop & Hop

Nails: The Claws V.2 by Conviction

Bodysuit: Noxia Bodysuit by {le fil cassé} @Cyber Fair

Legs: Razor Leg by The Forge @Cyber Fair

Pose: Disorientated Poses by Diversion @Cyber Fair

Background: ARCANA pink (Light) by zeroichi @Cyber Fair

With our love we can devour

Featuring {le fil cassé}

Hair: Unravel by Magika at mainstore

Eye Makeup & Lippy: Polaris eyeshadow by Warpaint at Collabor88 and Rose Lipgloss by Ladybird at Skin Fair

Sparkles: LETTER Bracelets & Rings Set by AvaWay , Diamond Bracelet by Cynful , Lianna Bracelet by e.marie

Dress: Desmond Dress by {le fil cassé} at Collabor88

Boots: Lara Combat Boots by Gos Boutique at Uber

Kitty: Panther Animesh Companion by Rezz Room at Equal10

Pose: Wispy by Go&See at Anthem

Place: La Chandelle // Skybox by VARONIS

Listening To