I don’t want just a memory

4.20.19 Lana3

As we do as bloggers of SL, I was scrolling through Facebook this morning. I love seeing all the posts of the blogs and the Creators advertising their items. I mean along with the posting of memes and such of course. I came upon a picture of a very talented blogger/photographer I am friends with. I am friends with her and her beau who also is a photographer in Second Life. I normally am very quiet and just like or put a silly sticker but today it struck me. They really warm my heart. They enjoy their hobby together. They support each other and cheer each other on. It is so nice to see. Now I know that all couples have struggles and we only see the surface but that is true with life and anyone you know. I don’t know today it just struck me. Put me in a mood and it came out in my post today. So don’t mind me and my moment in my feelings. Happy Easter.


4.20.19 Lana2-3

TRUTH – Halona
Dahlia – Bari Set
AvaWay – LUTHIEN Ring
LANA – The Monalisa Dress Exclusive at Fameshed X

Taken on a beautiful bridge at Elvion

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