Take Me or Leave Me

4.27.20 seniha

Okay, it’s Monday and it is what? I lost track of how many weeks I have been working from home. Well, today I got up and decided that I was listening to Broadway show tunes during work today. Little known fact, I was in theater from the age of 7 until 18. Thought that it was going to be my career but life had other paths for me to travel. One of my faves came on while trying to think of a name for this post. Those of you who are enthusiasts will know which one. I am doing my best to start this very busy week off on a positive note. I guess a musical note at that!

4.27.20 seniha

Featuring the Caroline Set by Seniha out now at Uber.

Hair: Cascade by Stealthic

Listening To

Take it back to basics, no ego in the way

4.23.20 Diversion_Gos1

Featuring the Celine by Gos Boutique exclusively at FaMESHed for April

& this sexy pose called Midnight Desires by Diversion Poses.

Hair: Bianca by Doux

Eyeshadow: Noir by WarPaint

Lipstick: Velvet Lipstick v1 by WarPaint

Cuffs: Loyalty Wrist Cuff with HUD by Cult @X by FaMESHed

Rings: Runaway by Swallow @Kustom9

Bodysuit: Nadia by AsteroidBox @X by FaMESHed

Photobooth: Playroom in red by Foxcity

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New Look

This week has been all about new looks. You have to love that in SL you can change your avatar appearance anytime you want. For some, it comes natural and they can pull off dozens of great looks. Others, like myself the struggle is very real. I tend you look and look and look some more. Then, I try and go back and forth on old and new. I drive myself crazy. I drive my friends crazy. If you are looking for a change now is probably the perfect time as the Skin Fair just opened. I am enjoying my new look….. for now.

Featuring the Greta Set by Seniha now at Access!

Hair: Doux – Esther @Equal10

Glasses: Aurealis – Cordelia Glasses

Cellphone: Movement – Unicorn Tears Phone @Access

Vespa with Poses: Amitie – My Blue Vespa

Backdrop: Foxcity – Photo Booth – Chill


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