Featuring the Gia Gown from Dead Doll at Templemore ‘s Lutz Theatre.

If you have not been to the majestic music venue at Templemore City you are missing out on a real gem of Second Life. Not only do they have a long list of talented artists that sing live, but the sim is also pure magic.  Check it out soon!


Now, I am not a blogger for this very talented lady but let’s face it there are very few that can pull off the gowns she creates.  Some things have changed in Second Life and we do not wear these types of apparel much anymore. I hope this is a revival of all that is fun and glamorous in our Second Life. Heaven knows we all need a touch of sparkle in our lives right now. 


Hair: Sins by Doux

Dress: Gia Gown by Dead Doll

Purse: Snow Queen by Pure Poison

Pose: Stairs by Foxcity

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