Feels Impossible

3.4.20 Seniha 1

A friend once told me they could always talk to me about things because of my perspective. He said I am always just on the outside of the circle. I really didn’t know how to respond at the time, but it has always stuck with me. Years later I know that I am an outsider. I do not prefer to be the center of attention. I never have. But that does not change the fact that sometimes it can be very lonely. Being an introvert can be very hard, especially if you have been hurt. We still have all the same needs and all the same problems. The difference is sometimes when we are hurting you don’t see it, or you miss it because let’s face it we hide it from the world. If you have friends or loved ones that are always just on the outside of the circle pay attention. They can bleed out and no one notices.

Featuring this sporty outfit Janen Set by Seniha out now at Uber

Hair: Doux – Ciara @Hentai Fair

Eyes: Mila – Royal Grey

Ears: Swallow – Crusties

Necklace: e.maire – Heart Necklace – Sterling


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