Here comes the sun


I feel like I have been in a bit of a rut. The beginning of my 2019 did not quite go the way I had intended, but that is life. I have been struggling for inspiration. Most do not know but I was in theater my entire childhood. I started in the 2nd grade and loved every moment. Acting can teach and prepare you for life more than anyone realizes. The show must go on is such a real and profound saying because it is the truth in life. I love my pictures to tell a story but when you are falling apart on the inside while putting a smile on for work, kids, family, and friends it can take a toll especially on your creativity. Because let’s face it creativity and inspiration are derived from within. Your soul is speaking. WOW, I am being deep today! But at some point you wake up and you see that your soul is a little lighter as you let go of what is so heavy on your heart. Honestly, you don’t forget but you let go of the heaviness of unresolved feelings and emotions.Β  I love the Beetles. My love of all kinds of music comes from my Mother and Father. All my life I have memories tied to music. The Beetles songs for some reason have always touched me. Although this is a beautiful cover from the show Glee the message in the song is fitting. Here comes the sun.


pr!tty – Benson – Saturday Sale item
BlackOpium – Silvana Set – previously released @ACE event
Astralia – Sporty yoga socks
#Foxy – Yoga Mat (White)
K&S – Yoga room – Backdrop

𝅑 Listening To 𝅑

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