Sweet Dreams


Oubliette Melora’s Boudoir Decor Set @Gachaland Jan 1st – 31st
• Oubliette- Boudior Chandelier
• Oubliette- Boudoir Books
• Oubliette- Boudoir Chair
• Oubliette- Boudoir Dressing Screen
• Oubliette- Boudoir Pillow
• Oubliette- Boudoir Print Dream Potion
• Oubliette- Boudoir Sidetable
• Oubliette- Boudoir Tufted Ottoman
• Oubliette- Boudoir Vase (not pictured)
• Oubliette- Boudoir Wall Lamp
• Oubliette- Bourdoir Drapes
• Oubliette- Bourdoir Rug
• Oubliette- RARE Boudoir Bed
• Oubliette- RARE Vanity

Other Accessories
The Loft – Eye by Media City
The Loft – Nelson Metal Bowl
The Loft – Atmark
The Loft – Nelson Vases With Poppies
The Loft – Nelson Duarte Bottle
tarte – marquee letters
keke – black tree w glitter

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