9.9.18 Oubliette Gos

Second Life in general right now seems to have a hateful mentality. Everyone seems to be so caught up in what everyone else is doing. Not only caught up but seem to feel an entitlement to have an opinion. Why? Because they pay to have a pretty dress up avatar? Because they can’t freely express how cruel and hateful they are in their real lives? We just see it more often then not anymore. What happened to logging on and finding something that made you happy? What happened to using your creative outlet in whatever way you can or appreciating others talent inworld? I think we need to stop feeding into the mass mentality of cruelness that is in fashion now. I had a teacher one time ask us these questions; Is it taking food off your table? Is it taking clothes off your back? Is it taking money out of your pocket? That always stuck with me when I was so distraught over something. It is all about perspective. Focus on what brings you peace. This photo set by Foxcity was perfect for my Sunday vibes. Who doesn’t love the colors? The pose shows off some new goodies from Oubliette now at anyBODY and these hot new shoes from Gos at C88.


TRUTH – Daphne @Uber
AvaWay – NEVA RING #5
Oubliette – Taupe Parker Set @anyBODY Sept 7th – 31st
Gos – J’Adore Pumps @C88
FOXCITY. – Legs for Days
FOXCITY. – Photo Booth – Relax

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