but whatever.

9.3.18 Nardcotix

Do you ever get tired of fighting for something? I mean we know all the clichés. That is not even where I am going with this. I am tired of saying I am not that type of person. I am who I am. I have decided that it is enough for me. I don’t really care if it is enough for anyone else. I am quiet for most who know me. I am a hard worker and I fight for what I care about. Yes, maybe too much but you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes. You do not know my story and honestly, I don’t know yours. AND THAT IS OKAY! (I know shocker!) I am like most women. I am a bundle of contradictions. I am growing and learning. I have too big of a heart. I can be an evil bitch when pushed to a certain point. I can fight back but notice I said fight back. My father taught me to never throw the first punch. Yes, I am a military brat of an officer. We were raised to be seen and not heard. We were raised to follow orders and respect people. I keep a lot of shit bottled up until I can’t hold it anymore. I am imperfectly flawed, and I know this. But I am not worthless. I am not trash. I do not deserve to be told to die. I will not be controlled by hurtful things anymore. I have lived most of my life taking care of everything and everyone around me. I have carried my burdens as well as the burdens of others only to be told I am not worth it and that day has passed. So, this is my vow to myself from now on:
• I won’t take the opinions of people that don’t know me, my journey, or my struggles to heart.
• I won’t allow people that I have cared for in any way think that they can hurt me or demean me in any way.
• I will not fight back or with people that do any of the things above because even if I care for them they are showing how little they care about me.
I will stop proving myself to anyone. I am who I am, love me or hate me you can take it or leave it. I own who I am and my story. I know my worth. I know where I have been and what I have been through to get me here today. If I decide to share my journey with you then you should count yourself as someone special in my life. I don’t expect people to read my new blog. I am using it for me. This one was more of a rambling of thoughts but whatever.

DOUX – Love
Swallow – Princess Ears
Yummy – Stella Rings
MINIMAL – Break Bento Rings
e.marie – Millionaire Material Oval
MUKA – Nautical Wristband Black
e.marie – On The Dot Watch – RARE
Hilly Haalan – Lara Knotted Tee
Blueberry – Rolled Shorts – Bikini
NX-Nardcotix – Antia Sneakers Full Pack @Uber
Focus Poses – Skater Girl
The Bearded Guy – One More Day @Output

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