If you don’t mean it, don’t just say it..


BESOM – Bliss
Zenith – Venetian Style Flower Masquerade Mask (Black) – Sliver
Scandalize – Bekia Set
NX-Nardcotix – Diana Stiletto @Vanity
FOXCITY – Effortless Pose Set
E.V.E – {M/C} Dancing Bubbles {Gold Translucent}
E.V.E – {M/C} Dancing Fireflies {White}
E.V.E – Dancing Stars Fireflies Lights
LovelyAlien – Vintage Appartment – Skybox


until my dying day..


I am not sure why looking at this picture made me think of the final scene of Moulin Rouge, but the song came to my mind. This gorgeous Annex gown that come in a normal version and this limited edition bloody one are at The Trunk Show now. Her creations are always a muse to me. Thank you.

TRUTH – Thalia
Swallow – Darkness Ears
Empyrean Forge – Adoration Choker
Empyrean Forge – Benedictine Riata Necklace
The Annex – UnOrthodox Crown Bloody @The Trunk Show
The Annex – Lilith Gown – Bloody @The Trunk Show

Izzie’s – Bloody Hairbase
Izzie’s – Bloody Tears & Lips
Izzie’s – Demon Eyes
Izzie’s – Face & Body Blood & Wounds

FOXCITY – Formal Pose Set

Scene at Pendle Hill